Who We Are

Neumck is a boutique strategy & advisory firm that works with stakeholders and business leaders to devise a comprehensive response to their existing and latent business constraints. We combine a deep passion for excellence with a firm commitment to provide our clients with superior and complete solutions in an unbiased and objective manner.
We invest in building lasting relationships with our clients driven by mutual trust, integrity & and offerings based on best in class knowledge.
Our sense of achievement is driven by the success of our clients in addressing the matters that bring them to us. Our solutions are carefully designed to be robust, incisive and decisive.

What We Do

At Neumck our offerings are based on a unique approach, one that recognizes that a strategic intent or response may need to be formalized against a backdrop of uncertainty or in the absence of adequate knowledge of all causal factors.
We therefore invest significant resources in the creation of an underlying body of knowledge and development of tools necessary to draw actionable insights.
Our model is to engage with a client in a manner that serves to enhance their long term potential and allows them to build on the recommendations after culmination of an engagement.
Our approach is designed to harmonize the uninhibited creative expression of management consulting with an operational rigor of strategic analytics and benchmarking to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution to their constraints.